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Having done so much to try and help the many pet pooches of this world, we at The Pet God decided that we would do something nice for the students/owners too. It can be tough working your way through college with all those fees and expenses, especially if you are across the country from your family pup. We have created a scholarship fund of $1000 for two lucky students. Entry is open to students of both post and undergraduate courses at college or university in the US.

So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this scholarship?

We have set-up a good old-fashioned essay writing contest for students.

The topic is simple: Why dogs are best friends of humans.

Entrants are encouraged to let their imagination run with this one as long as they stay within the basic subject. What is it about dogs that has made them such close companions of humans? Perhaps you will want to go down the scientific route with some dog psychology and genetics. Perhaps you will decide to try and pull on the old heartstrings with a personal story about a pet. As long as you can tell a good story or give a convincing argument within 800-1000 words, you stand a chance. However, there can be two winners of our $1000 prize ($500 for each) and winners will be chosen by staff here at The Pet God.

The contest rules and regulations.

Before you put pen to paper to draft out some ideas, there are some important rules to remember here. First of all, you do need to be a current student at college or university within the US. No getting your older siblings to write it for you! You do not have to be a vet student but any student can participate to this scholarship program. You can also only submit one entry into the competition, so make sure that it counts.

Deadline: December 30th 2017​
Result will be published on: January 15th 2018
Email for submitting article: scholarship@

The deadline for submissions is Dec 30th 2017, so you have a while to work on it. Be aware that The Pet God’s decision is final and we hold the right to publish or reject any article.

Good luck and happy writing!

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